How to operate the machine

dartslive3 Remote Match

  1. Select [DARTSLIVE LEAGUE] on the Menu Screen.

    Click on the LEAGUE category
  2. Insert your Team Member's card and select the appropriate match.

    *Entering cards in the match list will narrow down the list to matches that you can participate in.

  3. Press MATCH START and wait for your opponent

    Press MATCH START to move to the STANDBY screen
    The match will automatically start when the opposing team enters.
  4. Insert a card to join and start the game.

  5. The result will be displayed when the game is over.

    If the game is drawn

    Decide the winner by CORK.

  6. Repeat the game until all game results are shown.

  7. Match results will be displayed when all games are completed.

*Match results can also be checked on our website and app.

How to check Schedule/Results